Enphase Solar Battery Solutions

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Enphase Solar Battery Solutions

Batteries are the obvious solution to solar power storage – but not just any batteries. Solar storage batteries have to be easy to install, affordable, reliable and, above all, safe. 

The Enphase AC solar battery now available to Geelong district premises ticks all those boxes and Vortex Electrical  has no hesitation recommending the Enphase AC battery as an affordable and effective solar power storage option.

The Enphase AC solar battery is a 1.2kWh modular unit that can be installed as a single unit, or multiple units can be daisy-chained together to increase the capacity and available power. 

An extra hybrid solar inverter is not required because the batteries have an inbuilt inverter-charger. However, if you are considering an Enphase solar battery system you will need to have the Envoy-S Metered system installed to monitor and control the batteries.

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Enphase Solar Battery Connections

Plug and play is a phrase more commonly associated with Windows-based computers but plug and play also applies to Enphase battery storage. 

Suitable for installation by a single tradesperson, Enphase solar batteries for Geelong home and businesses will connect to most AC wiring in just minutes. Reassuringly, the Enphase solar battery system does not have high-voltage DC electrical charge and its certified prismatic cells are highly stable and must pass stringent safety tests.

Considering the Enphase AC solar battery for your home or business? You’re on the right track.

One important point to remember, however, is that Enphase solar batteries need to be installed indoors or in an enclosure if being installed outdoors. 

Vortex Electrical will advise you about the best location for your Enphase solar battery units and make sure your installation abides by the conditional 10-year (7300 cycles) warranty.

Enphase AC batteries are only one of the solar battery storage options available from Vortex Electrical. We also recommend and install LG and SONNNEN solar batteries .

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