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Heat Pumps

Looking for an energy efficient solution for hot water for your home?

Heat pumps are the answer!

We offer two ranges - Reclaim and istore

istore Heat Pumps

iStore is available in a 180L or 270L capacity and presents an effective battery alternative for those keen to invest in solar energy, converting your PV system’s excess solar energy into hot water. In doing so, reduce your water heating costs by up to as much as 70%! With hot water making up on average 30% of a home's energy bills, those are sizable savings.

An iStore has the potential to decrease yearly  C02 emissions by as much as 4 tonnes. It does this by harnessing the excess solar energy from your PV system, which would otherwise be sent back to the grid, and using it to power it’s hyper-efficient systems.

Reclaim Heat Pump

The Reclaim heat Pump Hot Water System consists of a heat pump (compressor) and a storage tank (stainless steel or glass lined). The system’s heat exchange collects heat from the air surrounding the unit to use as energy to heat up a pressurised refrigerant, which is ozone friendly CO2. The unit can supply in excess of five units of heat energy from ambient air for every unit of electricity it consumes, meaning the cost of energy used to produce hot water is minimised. The CO2 Heat Pump has excellent cold weather performance characteristics, meaning there is no need for a boosting element to supplement heating for the unit.


A Smart Controller puts the control in your hands and ensures that the Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System provides a highly efficient, low operating cost hot water solution. The controller allows the customisation of how and when the hot water system works.

  • 4 pre-set options including PV operational window (i.e. 10 am-4 pm) together with an option 5 with two operational windows allows you to minimise and match your hot water production with your consumption and minimising your hot water costs
  • Single shot boost – providing all the hot water needed on demand
  • Off peak management ensures running costs are kept to a minimum
  • Continuous hot water with a set and forget feature

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