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Vortex Electrical is your trusted solar installation company based in Geelong servicing the Greater Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast and surrounding communities since 2009. 

We specialize in the design and installation of grid-connected solar systems, including the supply and installation of different types of solar batteries for storage in residential and commercial properties.

With the Victorian government rebates currently available, there is no better time to install solar, allowing you to reap the benefits now and well into the future.

We don't offer a standard off the shelf solution. Our accredited design and install team will analyse your electricity usage, discuss your future plans and your budget and design a solution just right for you and your property. That's why our solutions work.



  • Light from the sun contains many tiny bits of energy called photons

  • Some of these photons hit solar modules, which consist of many connected solar cells.

  • Photons hitting the top layer of a solar cell cause electrons to flow through the buttom layer

  • This movement of electrons generates direct current(DC) electricity that flows to an inverter.

  • Inverters convert DC electricity into alternating current(AC) electricity

  • AC electricity is used to power the building, reducing its electricity bills and carbon emissions.

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Our team has been helping clients throughout Victoria for 10 years.

Our team is fully licensed and accredited as electricians and solar professionals.

Get in touch and find out about government rebates and incentives in your area right now.

Vortex Electrical guarantees to give you the best possible value for money when weighing up all possibilities for your solar power system. 

We guarantee that we are the best value option based on the following criteria:

  • We are a local company based in a central location in the Geelong region
  • We employ our own qualified, experienced staff for your installation including fully qualified electricians/installers
  • A fully qualified electrician/installer carries out a thorough site inspection (not a sales person who relies on assumptions)
  • We use Tier 1 panels
  • We only use reputable inverters including the latest technology micro inverters
  • We provide you with our expert advice whilst also taking into consideration your preferences
  • We take care of all paperwork for you post installation

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