Anthony and Drew

The Apprentices

Anthony (aka Pockets)

Anthony is the new kid on the block and started his apprenticeship at the tender age of 16 in early 2022. We are still learning all about Anthony so stay tuned as we update his bio. We have given him his nickname though, as he always seems to have his hands in his pockets….Anthony is quickly learning the tools of the trade and is enthusiastic so we are looking forward to watching him grow in the Vortex family.

Drew (aka Drewba)

Drew is a second year apprentice and fell into the industry to be honest. He is really enjoying the journey though and learning how to become more environmentally friendly.

Drew thinks the best part of the job is Sophie’s coffee drop-bys and working in a really fun team. Like George, Drew loves the variety of our work and hates mossy roofs, terracotta tiles and double stories (again!), as well as the cold and rain.

Drew is a sports nut and loves a good coffee but is most well known for his ability to have a day or two off.

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